EireSoft has been Updated! Discover the new EireSoft through CodeFirst.ie

What you need know

  • The dawn of CodeFirst Ireland: Eiresoft started operating under the name of CodeFirst Ireland in July 2014.
  • Coding together from the very beginning: As software development companies, EireSoft and CodeFirst worked side-by-side and shared resources to bring Ireland the best software solutions for over 15 years.
  • Strength in numbers: To establish our leadership in Ireland and to continue growing as a software development company, EireSoft decided to take the natural step of joining forces with CodeFirst.
  • Business as usual: You will still be able to contact the same staff that you are used to work with. We will continue to work in the same offices and we will even keep the same telephone number.

How this benefits your business

CodeFirst is the only software development company in Ireland that can put a world-class team of developers and database experts at your disposal. You can be confident that your software solution will always be the most efficient, adaptable and highest quality that you can imagine.

Thanks to our bigger structure and resources, CodeFirst can promise that, with us, you will always get a premium software solution delivered on time with the best price/performance in Ireland.

Is your business looking for the best software solution at an affordable price? Stop looking...

Get in contact with us today, let us know what you need and CodeFirst will make it happen.

Fancy more information about CodeFirst?

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Bernard Swierczyna

IT Director at First Ireland

"The solution was delivered quickly without any delay. I am very happy with the communication and support. It was a good experience."

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Dean Flanders

Head of Informatics at FMI

"CodeFirst are way ahead of others in terms of quality and speed. We are extremely happy with the services received."

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